Bill Stifler

Bill Stifler


I was born in northeast Maryland, and grew up in York County, Pennsylvania, attending Red Lion Kindergarten, Canadochly Elementary, and graduating in 1972 from Eastern York High School. While a senior in high school, I attended Lancaster Bible College part-time in the evenings. I came to Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1972 to attend Tennessee Temple University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1976 (Major: Biblical Studies, Minor: Psychology). I received a Master of Religious Education: Christian School Administration in 1981 from Temple Baptist Theological Seminary, and in 1991, a Master of Arts in English: Writing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

I began teaching at Chattanooga State as an adjunct in 1989 and full-time in 1992 in Developmental Studies. I now teach mythology, composition, and, occasionally, Intro to Humanities and creative writing in the Humanities & Fine Arts division. I am the division webmaster and also serve as webmaster for the Meacham Writers' Workshop.


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Parent's home in PAI am the oldest of six children. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I spent most of my teen years laboring hours in the neighbors' fields, baling straw and hay; planting, spearing and hanging tobacco; and picking potatoes and tomatoes; helping out on our twelve acre truck farm; or shoveling manure for my father (who flies homing pigeons). While growing up, I attended Windsor Church of God, and, although I never officially joined the church, I count it as my home church. I also spent several summers working with a local Christian mission organization, Teen Encounter, where I worked as a camp counselor, office assistant, and general gopher. When I wasn't working, which was often enough, I was either reading (my idea of summer vacation was a hammock on the front porch and a stack of books, mostly light fiction as well as serious fiction and books about science), memorizing Scripture, or fiddling with chemicals, rockets, telescopes, electronics, and a variety of other scientific miscellany as I assisted my mad scientist partner and neighbor, Dennis Myers. I was, in fact, a nerd.

During those long years working my way through college, seminary, and graduate school, I was a jack of all trades, working in a lumber yard and in two warehouses; I drove trucks and forklifts; operated a modified offset press; worked production, receiving, and order selecting; and spent quite a few years in charge of inventory control for a local dry grocery warehouse. During my years working inventory control, I

I was married in 1974 to Kathy Miller of Leechburg, Pennsylvania, and have four children: Natalie, Brant, April, and Ben. I was divorced after a lengthy separation in March 2006. July 2007, I married Judy Yancy, a native Chattanoogan, who has two grown children, Chris and Brianne.


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I'm interested in most things that involve using my head rather than my hands, which means as a child and a teenager, I liked most academic subjects in school while not being particularly enthusiastic about sports or shop. In addition to an avid interest in computer technology and an unhealthy lack of specialization, I love writing fiction and poetry, when I can make time for it. To date, I have only a few works published, including "On Writing," a poem published in Bridging English by Milner and Milner, MacMillan Press, 1993, and "Redeeming Time," a poem published in the 75th anniversary edition of Science News (1 Mar. 1997: S24). I also enjoy singing and currently sing in the choir at Peerless Road Church of God of Prophecy in Cleveland, TN. I was a member of the FISH singles group at Peerless until my marriage summer of 2007. My most active interests are
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Nowadays, most people who know me haven't ever seen me without my beard. Out of curiosity and frustration with never being clean-shaven, I grew a beard back in the summer of 1982 and liked it so well that I have not shaved since (the beard appealed to my vanity and my laziness). I do have a few pictures that show what I looked like without the beard for those foolhardy enough to look. Just check out my Photo Gallery.


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