Joining Independent Clauses with Coordinating Conjunctions

One way to join two independent clauses together in the same sentence is to use the coordinating conjunctions or FANBOYS

Coordinating Conjunctions
Conjunction Usage Sample Sentence
For Connects an effect to a cause (works like because) I stayed home, for I was sick.
And Shows a simple connection, adds two sentences together I came home, and my mother made me do chores.
Nor Connects two options which will not be taken I will not go home, nor will I stay here.
But Shows contrast between two sentences I may come to school, but I will not stay awake.
Or Connects two options I will do my homework, or I will fail.
Yet Shows contrast, but the contrast is unexpected I am not getting married, yet my mother insists on buying my wedding dress
So Connects a cause to an effect I was sick, so I stayed home.

This chart identifies the coordinating conjunctions, explains how each is used, and provides and example sentence illustrating the use.


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